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Our Menu: Drinks Menu

All available as decaffeinated

Mocha £2.85
White Chocolate Mocha £2.85
Flat White £2.85
Cappuccino £2.85
Caffè Latte £2.75
Double Espresso £2.75
Americano £2.45
Espresso £2.05
Iced Caffè Latte £2.85
Liqueur Coffee £5.50
Floater Coffee £2.95

Extra shot of coffee 30p

Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Abyss £2.75
White Chocolate Abyss £2.75


Add a twist to your coffee or hot chocolate 40p each
Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Cinnamon, Coconut, Gingerbread, Almond or Sugar-free Caramel 


£2.00 per pot

Black Tea
Decaffeinated Black Tea
Green Tea
Earl Grey
Berry Infusion
Peppermint & Liquorice
Chamomile & Honey

Beers and Ciders

Krombacher non alcoholic £3.35
Birra Morena £3.55
Black Sheep Ale £3.95
BrewDog Punk IPA £4.10
Daura Damm (Gluten free Spanish beer) £3.85
Budvar Czech Pilsner £3.85
Vedett Blonde £3.85
Draught Alhambra Especial 4.8% pint £4.75
Draught Alhambra Especial 4.8% half pint £2.45
South West Orchards Cider £4.25
Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime Cider £4.50
Rekorderlig Passion Fruit Cider £4.50

Alcoholic Cocktails

Pimms £5.95
Chopped strawberry, mint and cucumber served with Pimms, lemonade and ginger ale

Kir Royale £5.95
Crème de cassis topped with prosecco with a fresh raspberry garnish

Passion Fruit Bellini £5.95
Passoa topped with prosecco

Tropical Cooler £6.95
Cointreau, Archers, Passoa and Creme de Cassis topped with lemonade and an orange slice garnish

English Garden £6.95
Fresh cucumber, British gin and lime juice topped with apple juice

Classic Mojito £6.95
White rum, sugar syrup and lemon & lime juices, served with crushed mint leaves, topped with soda

Raspberry Mojito £6.95
White rum, sugar syrup and smashed raspberries, served with crushed mint leaves, topped with soda

Strawberry Daiquiri £6.95
Fresh strawberries, spiced gold rum, sugar syrup and lime juice


Apple Citrus Refresher £3.95
Apple and orange juices topped with ginger ale, grapefruit syrup and a squeeze of lime juice

Mint Lemonade £3.95
Fresh mint, squeeze of lemon juice and sugar syrup topped with sparkling water and a lemon zest garnish

Fruit Fizz £2.40
Strawberry, Pink Grapefruit or Raspberry syrup topped with sparkling water and a fruit garnish

Soft Drinks

J20 Orange & Passion fruit, Apple & Raspberry or Apple & Mango £2.40
Fever-Tree Tonic / Light Tonic Water £2.00
Fever-Tree Bitter Lemon £2.00
Coke regular £1.75 / large £2.50
Diet Coke regular £1.75 / large £2.50
Lemonade regular £1.75 / large £2.50
Bundaberg Ginger Beer £2.90
Bundaberg Lemon and Lime Bitters £2.90
Elderflower Pressé £2.40
Pomegranate and Elderflower Pressé £2.40
Orange Juice £1.75
Cranberry Juice £1.75
Apple Juice £1.75
Tomato Juice £1.75
Ginger Ale £1.75
Still / Sparkling Water £1.75
Bottled Still / Sparkling Water (1 ltr) £3.85
Cordial (lime, orange or blackcurrant) £1.30
Soda Water £1.50
Milk £1.00

A full selection of spirits and liqueurs are also available - Please ask to see our wine list